RSC’s resource estimation services offer the perfect synergy between data, geology and geostatistics.

We look for pragmatic and practical solutions in all we do to support your decision making:

  • Our consultants interrogate your data and apply the model that is most fit-for-purpose.
  • We have a deep understanding of the vital importance of geology in all estimates.
  • We take great pride in building the best possible geological models to underpin estimation domains.

Resource estimation toolkit

RSC’s resource estimation team has in-depth knowledge of deposit modelling and resource estimation. Our toolkit contains all the estimation techniques, including uniform conditioning, indicator kriging, multivariate compositional simulation, or conditional simulation. But these are never used before a robust estimation of the in-situ resource is produced via OK (or ID if shown to be sufficient!).


Our consultants have experience with a broad range of geological and mineral system settings, ranging from classic shear-zone controlled gold systems to esoteric mineralisation styles such as seabed nodules and industrial mineral deposits.

We have carried out numerous project reviews, audits and independent technical reports across a wide range of commodities, deposit types and development stages, including for some of the world’s largest miners.

Our team includes globally respected and published specialists in data QA/QC, geological modelling, geostatistics, and advanced resource estimation. We employ industry thought leaders and are experts in public reporting.

Open pit and underground mining engineering

Working in conjunction with our associates and partner companies, RSC can offer a broad range of services in relation to open pit and underground mining engineering. This includes:

  • study management;
  • due diligence studies;
  • process audits;
  • mine optimisation;
  • design and equipment selection studies;
  • scheduling;
  • financial modelling and reporting in all forms of Preliminary Economic Assessment;
  • scoping; and
  • pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.

Technical reporting

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our technical reporting, ensuring that the reports have shelf life.

For further information, please get in touch with RSC’s General Manager Resources and Reserves, Olivier Bertoli.

Olivier Bertoli


Olivier Bertoli

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