Good project logistics is half the battle won. Underestimating the complexity of the project can cause serious issues and can blow budgets out of the water, compromising the quality and outcomes of the entire programme. For any exploration programme that we run we like to get our logistical managers in first, to make sure that any technical team can hit the ground running: camps are set up, tracks are mapped and accessible, water/power are available, consumables have been ordered and prepared, local people and landowners are well-informed.

Our expertise in this field has made the critical difference between success and failure, and has made sure that our exploration projects in the most difficult of circumstances were completed within budget and on time.

Our logistical mangers have extensive experience with a range of operating conditions, be it arctic, hot-desert, or deep jungle, and in sensitive cultural settings all over the world. With multi-language skills, our ability to work with the local landowners and communities is a point of difference and has allowed us to complete exploration programmes in areas where others have previously failed.