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Rogue Resources Inc.




Snow White

Deposit:Snow White
Report Code:NI43-101
Report Type:Resource Estimation
Project Stage:Pursuing Resource Increase/Upgrade
Report details:7-8-2018: Rogue Resources Inc. announces a Resource Estimation report for its Snow White deposit at the Snow White project. Initial mineral resource estimate for Snow White. At the request of Rogue Resources Inc. (Rogue), M.Plan International Limited (M.P
Resources:(Resource): 486Kt @ 97.05% SiO2 (Ind.), 271Kt @ 94.34% SiO2 (Inf.)
CP/QP:[Resources]: William Lewis (Micon International Ltd.)
ABSTRACT:At the request of Rogue Resources Inc. (Rogue), M.Plan International Limited (M.Plan) was retained to provide an independent mineral resource estimate and a Technical Report on the Snow White Silica Project (Snow White Project or the Project). The Snow White Project is located in Deagle Township, near Massey within the Province of Ontario, Canada. This report follows the guidelines and format of Canadian National Instrument 43-101 (NI 43-101). M.Plan does not have, nor has it previously had, any material interest in Rogue or related entities. The relationship with Rogue is solely a professional association between the client and the independent consultant. This report was prepared in return for fees based upon agreed commercial rates and the payment of these fees is in no way contingent on the results of this report. This report includes technical information that requires subsequent calculations or estimates to derive sub-totals, totals and weighted averages. Such calculations or estimations inherently involve a degree of rounding and consequently introduce a margin of error. Where these occur, M.Plan does not consider them to be material. The conclusions and recommendations in this report reflect the authors’ best independent judgment in light of the information available to them at the time of writing. The authors, and M.Plan reserve the right, but will not be obliged, to revise this report and conclusions if additional information becomes known to them subsequent to the date of this report. Use of this report acknowledges acceptance of the foregoing conditions. This report is intended to be used by Rogue subject to the terms and conditions of its agreements with M.Plan. That agreement permits Rogue to file this report as a Technical Report with the Canadian Securities Administrators pursuant to provincial securities legislation. Except for the purposes legislated under provincial securities laws, any other use of this report, by any third party, is at that party’s sole risk.

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